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Iguana Rescue & Adoption

Due to the high amount of unwanted or uncared for iguanas in the U.S, we are commited to providing good homes to needy "iggys" and them finding them new "loving" homes.

There is a 50.00 charge for adoption to cover the housing and feeding cost of these "iggys" while they reside in our care. All donations are also appreciated. To donate just go to the contact page and send us an email.
Prospective Adoptors must have knowledge of care and correct equipment to pick up their new friends.
Check out our adoptions page to see whos waiting to join your family!

Check Back Often To Find Your New Friend
This site will be updated often as new "Iggys" come in or run off to their new homes to live happily ever after.Please check back often until you find the new member of your family.

Reptar Relaxing as usual

Need a home for your iguana?
If you are wanting to find a new home for your iguana, please click on the contact us page and send email with the following information:Your location (city & State),contact information, age of iguana (if known), Sex (if known), temperament, health of iguana, length of iguana and diet information.We request that the cage setup be given with the iguana at the time of the drop off. This includes lights, heater, branches, etc... with the unit.If this isnt possible hardship cases will be consider provided we have the supplies at the time to house and care for the iguana.We try not to turn down any "iggys" but sometimes cost of housing is a problem so please try to be willing to give housing with the animal.There is large numbers of unwanted iguanas in the United States, our focus is the Hampton Roads, Va Area.

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Iguana Rescue & Adoption
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